Airport Security Badge


Procedure to Apply for an Airport Security Badge

Individuals interested in applying for a Chattanooga Airport Security Badge must complete the following procedures:

  1. Each individual seeking unescorted access to the AOA, SIDA or Secured Area must complete an application with the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority (CMAA) and submit it to the CMAA badge office.

  2. The application must be signed by an Authorizing Agent and be accompanied with a copy of the individuals' identification as detailed on page 6 of the application.

  3. Any individual seeking unescorted access to the SIDA or Secured Area must also fill out a fingerprint application and have a Finger Print Criminal History Record Check (FPCHRC) completed. A government issued ID that requires a FPCHRC may be substituted as proof that the FPCHRC has been completed. Our badging office has the facilities to perform a FPCHRC for any individual who requires it.

  4. Any individual seeking airfield driving privileges must also fill out a airfield driving application and have it signed by an authorized Vehicle Operations Coordinator before attending driver training.

  5. After the application has been submitted to the badge office we will contact the applicant to inform them when they will be able to attend the security training, which takes place at the following times:
    Monday - Airport SecurityTraining is held at 2:30 pm.
    Tuesday - Airport Security Training is held at 9:00 am.  

For information regarding who is authorized to sign for your application or any other questions you may have please call (423) 855-2265 or come to the Airport Badge Office. The badge office is located in the lower level of the airport, to the right of the escalators in the dome, through the windowed door and down the hall to the right.