Where To Eat in Chattanooga


Dining in Chattanooga

Check out the incredible Chattanooga restaurants and local watering holes that will tempt you with delectable delights of every food origin imaginable.

Satisfy your appetite in any of our great fine dining, casual dining, or kid-friendly Chattanooga restaurants. And in the evening, many of these restaurants become venues, providing entertainment and live music. Whether you're in the mood for BBQ, Mexican street food, an old-fashioned hamburger, fried chicken, or locally-sourced / farm-to-table dining, Chattanooga has a large variety of dining accommodations to suite any taste.

Over the past couple of years, the number of Chattanooga restaurants has grown considerably. The variety of fine-dining and artisanal establishments such as Il Primo, Alleia, Public House, and Solarium Cafe have recently drawn the attention of foodies from all around who are eager to experience the unique dining concepts Chattanooga has to offer. But let's not forget the tried-and-true favorites like Easy Bistro, Boathouse, Taco Mamacita, and our Four-Star restaurant, St. John's — to name a few.

Check out our list of local restaurants that you can only find in Chattanooga, or locally sourced restaurants which provide local fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, eggs, cheeses, breads and more.

Looking to try something new? Pedal around to some of the city's best spots with Chattanooga Pints and Pedals or Chattanooga Brew Choo.