Chattanooga Airport Begins Demolition on Brainerd Road Properties

Project creates green space to manage storm water runoff in Brainerd Corridor

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (April 9, 2013) – Demolition began today on several Brainerd Road properties owned by the Chattanooga Airport. When the project is complete, these vacant buildings which are currently surrounded by asphalt and concrete parking lots will be transformed into a green space with walking paths and present an environmentally responsible solution to the flooding challenges in the area while keeping the stormwater runoff out of the city’s sewer system. The water will be slowed and filtered through the green infrastructure put in place through this project.

“The airport worked for several years to secure these sites and then we partnered with our neighbors to identify their priorities for the space,” said Dan Jacobson, chairman of the airport’s board of commissioners. “The plan we developed and are beginning today will meet the community’s need for green space, as well as help mitigate flooding through the Brainerd Corridor.”

Local company Steve Williams Construction of Cleveland, Tennessee is contracted to complete the project, which will include:

  • Demolition of the buildings at 5915 and 5949 Brainerd Road
  • Demolition of all asphalt on site
  • Re-grading the property to allow for storm water drainage away from the road
  • Seeding the site to ensure a green grass location.

Nearly all brick, rock, concrete and asphalt removed from the site will be recycled for use in future projects. Some of the materials will be crushed and used for a walking path through the new green space. The airport is also working with several local organizations to plant indigenous greenery in the space to ensure it remains both a beautiful and functional area. The demolition project will take approximately 60 days to complete and can be followed on camera at this link: