Low Fares Coming to Chattanooga

US Airways introduces new low fare structure for local travelers

(October 20, 2008) - Lower fares are coming to the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport courtesy of US Airways, who will be introducing a new lower fare structure for local travelers. Many of US Airways' fares to the airport's top destinations have been reduced 30%-50%, leaving them within $80 of fares from Atlanta.

"US Airways sees a great opportunity to recapture local passengers by offering competitive fares that will keep travelers flying out of Chattanooga instead of driving to a neighboring airport," said Mike Landguth, President and CEO of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority. "Even with the price of fuel falling in recent weeks, most travelers would agree that 2 � hours driving through traffic, plus the hassle of parking, long lines and an unpredictable wait through security just isn't worth the minimal savings."

For more information on US Airways' new low fares in Chattanooga, or to book a ticket, contact your favorite local travel agent or visit US Airways at www.usairways.com.

The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority is served by Allegiant Air, American Eagle, Delta Connection Carriers, Northwest Airlink, and US Airways Express with nonstop service to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Memphis, Tampa and Washington, DC. Visit www.chattairport.com for more details.