Flights Departing from CHA





CHA - IAD Mon - Fri 5:45am 7:32am UA3881
CHA - DCA Mon - Fri 12:33pm 2:24pm AA5309
CHA - DCA Sunday 12:54pm 2:45pm AA5309
CHA - IAD Daily 2:30pm 4:11pm UA3851

Flights Departing from DCA





DCA - CHA Mon - Fri 10:00am 12:02pm AA5309
DCA - CHA Sunday 10:10am 12:12pm AA5309

Flights Departing from IAD





IAD - CHA Daily 8:30am 10:21am UA4810
IAD - CHA Daily 5:10pm 7:10pm UA4857

Departing and Arriving Daily

Please note that flight numbers and schedules change frequently. Also, the Saturday schedule is lighter than the other days of the week. Passengers need to check with their respective airline for exact operations.

Earn Miles While You Travel

United Mileage Plus Program: Earn miles when you travel and enjoy everyday activities you can use for travel, dining, shopping, and more. Our most frequent travelers can also receive special benefits.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't block the escalators to the Metro.This is not a suggestion; locals take this seriously and you'll get yelled at if you violate this.

  • Do stand to the right and walk to the left-letting those in a hurry pass by

  • Don't drive.With horrible traffic and limited parking, don't bother driving or taking cabs.

  • Do use public transportation and your own feet to roam the city.But know that there is a proper way to ride the public transportation, particularly the Metro.

  • Don't eat or drink on the Metro.It's against the law and you can be fined for it.

  • Do sit down and enjoy the plethora of authentic eats around town.The culinary scene in Washington, DC is thriving-just ask the people who wait for hours to dine at Rose’s Luxury. Celebrity chefs like Mike Isabella and José Andrés have mini empires around town. Even the museums have something to offer; the food court at the National Museum of the American Indian serves fare from native cultures around the Americas.

  • Don't pay for individual Metro paper fare cards.

  • Do purchase a reusable SmarTrip card.You can buy them online, it'll cost you $1 less for each trip and you won't have to wait for the turnstile to close behind someone to touch your SmarTrip card, which is very helpful during busy peak periods.

  • Don't door monger on the Metro.

  • Do head to the center of the car to keep the flow of passengers moving.

  • Don't try to see everything in one day.

  • Do plan ahead.You can simply walk into many of DC's attractions without tickets or reservations, but some of the biggies require a little advance preparation. The Capitol Building is an undeniable highlight, but don't expect to just turn up and gain entry on the spot - tickets are hard to come by, but the Viator VIP Best of DC Tour includes coveted reserved entry to the Capitol and the National Archives Building. Booking museum and attraction tickets in advance will also save time.

  • Don't procrastinate in the morning.Sixteen million tourists visit our capital every year and the crowds can be enormous. Opt to visit the most popular spots as early as possible to avoid the biggest crowds; most sights open between 8:30 and 10 a.m. If visiting in the summer, make the most of the nice weather and explore the city by night. Also be sure to allot time for lines and security checks.

  • Do put your wallet away.Many of D.C.'s sights are free - the Smithsonian museums, the Washington National Cathedral, National Geographic Society, Library of Congress and so many more. But those aren't the only feebies to be found. Every day, the Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage hosts a free performance at 6 p.m. The United States Navy Band performs free concerts throughout the area. Tryst Coffeehouse in the lively Adams Morgan neighborhood hosts free jazz nights Monday through Wednesday nights (and free Wi-Fi during the week). Put your bargain hunter hat on and you'll find there are plenty of free ways to explore the capital.

  • Don't go into the city without any insightinto the city's basic design and street naming system

  • Do realize that the city is centered around the Capitol Building.D.C. is one of the easiest cities to navigate once you're aware of how it's systemically designed and named. It is comprised of a rectilinear grid with a set of transverse diagonal avenues that frequently intersect in circles or squares.

Ground Transportation

Metro to Dulles

Metro to Dulles is now closer than ever. With direct service to Metro's Silver Line, the Silver Line Express Bus provides a convenient, economical connection between the Dulles Main Terminal and the Silver Line's Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail station, about 15 minutes away.

*NOTICE* Metrorail began a year-long maintenance program of the rail system in June 2016.  Please plan for delays and interruptions to the service.  More details can be found at


$5 each way regular fare (cash or credit card only; SmartTrip Cards not accepted)

$3 each way for airport employees with valid ID

No fare for children under 2 years of age

Boarding in the Airport

Purchase tickets at the counter located inside Arrivals Door# 4 in the Main Terminal. From baggage claim, go UP the ramp at the sign for Door #4.

Boarding at the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station

Exit to north side of Metro station, board the bus, then purchase tickets after the bus arrives at the airport.

Metrorail SmartTrip Cards

Metrorail SmartTrip Cards can be purchased for use on the Metro System inside any Metro Station.

Bus Amenities

  • Non-stop, frequent service every 15 minutes during peak times and 20 minutes off-peak

  • Convenient front-door service at Dulles (Arrivals Door #4 in the center of the Terminal)

  • Free Wi-Fi on-board

  • Spacious on-board luggage storage

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