Flights Departing from CHA





CHA - LGA Mon - Fri 6:22am 8:30am DL5314
CHA - LGA Sat - Sun 8:00am 10:15am DL5314

Flights Departing from LGA





LGA - CHA Saturday 10:45am 1:06pm DL3490
LGA - CHA Sun - Fri 9:37pm 11:59pm DL5331

Daily Flights

12 First Class Seats • 20 Delta Comfort + Seats• 44 Main Cabin Seats

Please note that flight numbers and schedules change frequently. Also, the Saturday schedule is lighter than the other days of the week. Passengers need to check with their respective airline for exact operations.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk.Sidewalks in New York are like streets and they have the same kind of traffic laws.

  • Do "pull over" to take a picture or check your Google maps.Simply step to the side and let pedestrian traffic pass.

  • Don't jump in the empty car on the Subway......when every other car is packed to the max with commuters. Odds are, it's empty for a reason. Trust us.

  • Do squeeze into one of the packed cars.Even New Yorkers will try to accommodate. Quarters may be cramped but who knows what awaits you in the empty car.

  • Don't pay for an expensive boat cruise that goes past the Statue of Liberty.There are better options.

  • Do take the Staten Island Ferry for free.It goes past most of the same sights. The round-trip ride takes about 50 minutes and you can purchase food and beverages on board.

  • Don't be afraid to ask a New Yorker for help or directions-even when they appear disinterested, in a hurry, or can't be bothered.

  • Do ask politely for help.The majority of locals pride themselves on their direction-giving skills. (It's a sign they really know the city.)

  • Don't skip a museum just because you think you can't afford it.You might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Do visit NYCgo for a list of museums where you pay what you wish.Many times the admission price is just a suggestion.

  • Don't rent a car.Traffic is heavy and parking is an expensive challenge.

  • Do use public transportation and Yellow Cabs to get around the city.

  • Don't eat at a chain restaurant.Why would you eat at the same Olive Garden you have back home?

  • Do patronize the local restaurants.Use Yelp and UrbanSpoon and you can find some outstanding local dining options.

  • Don't wait until it's your turn to decide your order at a diner or coffee shop.The people in line behind you are in a hurry and the staff will skip past you to take the next order.

  • Do look over the menu and know what you want before you get in line

Ground Transportation

Public Transportation 

New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) buses provide service between LaGuardia Airport, Manhattan, Queens and beyond with connection to the subway, Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad.

A one-way trip on MTA buses or subways costs $2.75. MetroCards can be purchased at MetroCard vending machines located throughout LaGuardia Airport terminals. Passengers using MetroCards get a free transfer from their bus to the subway. 

For LaGuardia Link Q70 SBS (Select Bus Service) and M60 SBS bus service, passengers must pay their fare using a MetroCard or exact change in coins at curbside machines before boarding. Please retain your paper ticket to ride. 

Travelers leaving or heading to Terminal A can take the Q47 bus, with connection to the 7, E, F, M, R subway lines at 74 St/Roosevelt Ave or the M60 SBS to Manhattan. 

A map of public transportation options is available here. For the latest information about schedules and fares, call 511 or (888) GO511NY or visit the MTA’s website

Bus Schedule

The MTA provides regular Q47, Q48, Q70 SBS, Q72 and M60 SBS service between LaGuardia Airport, Manhattan, Queens and beyond with subway connection. Select the terminal to find out when the next bus will arrive.

Car Service and Shared Rides

A number of car, van and shared ride services are available at LaGuardia Airport. To make a reservation for a private car or shared ride service, please visit our Welcome Center located on the arrivals level of each terminal. If the counter is closed, there is a convenient self-serve kiosk nearby where you can contact authorized private car or shared ride services. You can also use one of these authorized airport vehicle service providers.

Terminal B Car Services Pick-Up

Car Services, App-based Rides and Black Cars passenger pick-up area is located in Terminal B Parking Garage, Level 2. Follow signs on the departures level to the pick-up area and contact your car service/rideshare provider when you reach the pick-up area. Car service will pick-up from the Garage, Level 2, at all times. For-hire-vehicle services including Uber, Lyft, Via and Gett are available through their mobile app. You can also call (800) AIR RIDE for information on authorized transportation services.

Car Rental

A number of car rental facilities are conveniently located at LaGuardia Airport. Rental agencies provide frequent free shuttles between LaGuardia and the rental car facility. All car rental shuttles pick-up and drop-off at Terminal A in the Rental Car Shuttle Transfer Point

By Taxi

New traffic pattern at Exit 6 and 7 westbound on the Grand Central Parkway (GCP) to LaGuardia Airport. For direct access to Terminal B and 94th Street use the new Exit 6 and for Terminals C and D ONLY use Exit 7.

Metered taxi service is available at all LaGuardia Airport terminal buildings.

SAFETY TIP: Soliciting ground transportation is illegal and solicitors can be unlicensed and uninsured. If you’re unsure about a taxi or car service, please visit the Port Authority Welcome Center located in the arrivals area of each terminal, where uniformed staff will be happy to assist you. 

Here is some helpful information when taking a taxi from LaGuardia Airport:

  • There is a $1.00 peak-time surcharge for trips from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays

  • There is a $.50 surcharge for trips from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily. There is also a NY State tax of $.50 added to trips within New York, but not for trips to New Jersey.

  • One fare pays for all passengers to one destination.

  • Four passengers (five in minivans) is the limit for New York City cabs

  • Meter must read $3.00 at the start of the trip

Taxis are regulated by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission. Please contact them with rate questions, compliments, complaints or lost property: or call 311.

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