Solar Farm

The CMAA has developed a solar vision that includes a three megawatt solar farm on the airfield. The first step in fulfilling that vision was to establish a one megawatt solar farm on the southwest corner of the airfield. This location was unusable for aviation purposes due to its close proximity to the runway. However, it was the perfect site to develop a one megawatt fixed ground mount solar farm. The solar farm construction started in October 2011 and was completed in December 2011. The power produced from this farm will provide the energy to offset the entire West Side Corporate Aviation Campus. Once the full vision of three megawatts is realized, the Chattanooga Airport will be effectively energy self-sufficient and carbon neutral.

The solar farm was funded through a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Voluntary Airport Low Emission (VALE) Grant. VALE Grants are air quality grants issued to airports that are in non-attainment or maintenance areas. Chattanooga is in a non-attainment area for Particulate Matter 2.5, making it eligible for air quality grant funding.

To learn more about how solar energy works and to see how much energy our solar farm is producing, please go to

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