Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What airlines serve the Chattanooga Airport?  
A. Allegiant, American Eagle, Delta and United.

Q. What are CHA's nonstop destinations? 
A. Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Washington DC, NewYork/Newark, Orlando and Tampa / St. Petersburg.

Q. How early should I arrive at the Airport before my flight?
A. The Chattanooga Airport strongly encourages passengers to arrive at the Airport at least one hour before their scheduled departure for Delta and American Eagle flights. Allegiant passengers should plan to arrive two hours before a scheduled departure. Many airline ticket counters close 30 to 40 minutes prior to departure to allow staff to assist with the flight. Please check with your airline before departing for the Airport to ensure there are no additional delays.

Q. Where do I check in? 
A. Passengers should check-in at the downstairs ticket counters. A boarding pass or an e-ticket receipt is required to pass through security screening. Many airlines now offer electronic check-in options where passengers can print their boarding pass at home and skip the ticket counter altogether. Visit your airline's website for details.

Q. What is NOT allowed through security screening?  
A. Please see TSA's list of Prohibited Items.

Passengers are encouraged to pack their carry-on bag with only items they need immediate access to upon arriving at their destination, including medications. Again, check the TSA website for questions regarding what is allowed in a carry-on bag. 

Q. How many carry-on bags am I allowed?  
A. The TSA allows one (1) carry-on bag, in addition to a briefcase, purse, laptop, or diaper bag.

Q. Can I still bring cell phones, PDAs and laptops on the plane?  
A. Electronic items are allowed through security and will be thoroughly inspected by security personnel. You should remove your laptop from its case and place it in a bin at the checkpoint. All other electronic items should be placed in your carry-on bag.

Q. Who is allowed through the security screening checkpoint?  
A. Only ticketed passengers with a boarding pass are allowed through the security screening checkpoint. If you have a medical, parental, or other specific, verifiable need to accompany a ticketed passenger, please check with your airline to determine how they would like you to proceed.

Q. How and with whom do I file a complaint? 
A. If a complaint involves an airline's fares, service, schedules or personnel, a formal complaint should be filed with the appropriate airline. Contact information for each airline's customer service department and suggestions on filing a complaint are provided on this website.

If a complaint involves parking, Airport facilities, Airport services or Airport personnel, a formal complaint may be filed with the Airport Authority at (423) 855-2200 or by e-mail at

Q. How do I make airline reservations?  
A. There are many ways to book tickets for a flight. One of the easiest ways is to contact a travel agent. You can also book directly with an airline through their website or by calling their 1-800 reservations line or through a national ticket booking engine. You can find links to area travel agents and the airlines on the 'Book a Ticket' page of this website.

Q. How can I get the lowest possible fare?  
A. Be flexible and book as early as possible to find the best fares. Airlines sometimes offer sales on off-peak days like Tuesday and Thursday. Travel agents can help you find good fares and simplify the booking process. You may also want to shop for fares through online travel sites like Travelocity or Orbitz. When booking online, make sure you check a variety of times and days to find the best possible fare. Airlines frequently offer discounts and special fares only available on their websites. Also read the fine print before purchasing. Most of the deeply discounted fares are very restricted and non-refundable. 

Q. Why doesn't Southwest Airlines fly into Chattanooga?  
A. The Chattanooga Airport would welcome Southwest; however the Chattanooga market area does not currently meet the company's requirements for population and travel demand. They can use their aircraft in other cities and gain many more passengers than we can currently provide. But we will continue to seek the right carrier to the right destination at the right time to serve our regional travelers. 

Q. How do I find out about employment opportunities?
A. If you are interested in employment with an airline, you must contact the airline directly. Each carrier does its own hiring of desk, flight and ground crew members. If you are interested in a position with TSA (Transportation Security Administration), please visit their website. If you are interested in employment with the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority, go to the employment page for a list of current openings or fax your resume to (423) 855-2212.

Q. Can I exchange currency at the Chattanooga Airport?
A. The Chattanooga Airport does not offer currency exchange services. Please contact your banking institution for assistance in locating currency exchange in the local area.   


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