LEED Certified Facilities

While some of the airport's green efforts have been small, common-sense and methodical, a few have been game changers. Working toward LEED certification for all new construction projects is a game changer. LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system which essentially provides building owners a method to identify and implement energy efficient ways to design, construct and operate their buildings. The West Side Corporate Aviation Development was completed in July 2011 and has been awarded the highest level of LEED certification - platinum.  The development was built with environmental sustainability, occupant health, comfort and cost savings in mind. Some of the eco-friendly features and their corresponding benefits include:

  • Building Materials - minimum of 26% recycled content
  • Ceilings and Millwork - bamboo (rapidly renewable resource)
  • Counters - 80% recycled content
  • Construction Waste - 95% recycled
  • Flooring - recycled carpet and tile
  • HVAC - high efficiency units
  • Low Flow Fixtures - water savings
  • Energy cost savings - 52% of standard code
  • Recycling Bins
  • Green Cleaning Products
  • Green Pesticide Products
  • Bike Racks and Bicycles
  • Shuttle Service
  • Day Lighting

The aircraft hangar co-located on the West Side Aviation Campus was also certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as a LEED gold facility. The hangar also contains numerous sustainable features, including:

  • All steel beams in the structure and the sheeting contain recycled materials
  • 95% of all construction waste was recycled
  • Contains a high energy efficiency infrared system
  • Unique day lighting structure with windows in the hangar facility

The Chattanooga Airport's efforts to promote sustainability have real, tangible benefits for our local community. But we also hope our LEED design efforts will set the example for other airports, private businesses and individuals to follow.


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